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What is Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnosis

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Bonnie Lee Gibson, Certified Hypnotherapist / Registered Counselor

Bonnie Lee Gibson Counseling Service

Serving Waterville and Belfast Areas, Maine USA

Hypnosis encourages meaningful dialogue with the sub-conscious mind.

Studies show that thoughts have power. They have power to change the structure of water crystals, power to encourage the growth of plants, and the power to enhance a heart patient's healing.

How we think about ourselves, others and life in general, is based our own past experiences and feelings.

Thoughts bring both good and "bad" feelings. Those, when in the arms of a lover, in the beauty of a sunset, or those of amiss.

While connecting with the divine, one experiences the expansiveness of trust, love and joy. On the other hand, one learns to deal with physical and emotional anguish by tensing, blocking or shutting down. Some employ defense mechanisms to get through difficult moments.

Over time, those mechanisms may break down. They may even become destructive. That is when hypnotherapy becomes useful.


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