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How to use a Ouija Board


Antique Wood Ouija Boards and Planchettes

Fuld, Kennard, Simmons Spirit boards and planchettes


The original "William Fuld Ouija" instructions: Circa 1920

1st - Place the board upon the knees of two persons, lady and gentleman preferred. Place heart shaped table in center of board, resting fingers lightly upon the table so as to allow it to move freely and easily. A question may be asked, and in from one to five minutes the table will commence to move, at first slowly, and then faster. As the table passes over the board, a transparent window and pointer in the top indicates each letter of a message as it is received.

2nd - Care should be taken that only one person ask questions at a time so as to avoid confusion.

3rd - To obtain the best results it is important that the person present should concentrate upon the matter in question and avoid other topics. Have no one at the table who will not sit seriously and respectfully. If you use it in a frivolous spirit, asking ridiculous questions, laughing over it, you naturally get undeveloped influences around you.

4th - The Ouija is a great mystery, and none claim to give exact directions for it's management and use, and the Ouija will not work equally well under all circumstances. With reasonable patience and judgment the Ouija will satisfy your greatest expectations.

5th - The board should be kept smooth and free from dust and moisture, as all depends on the ease with which the feet of the table can glide over the surface of the board. Rubbing with a soft dry cloth just before using is advised.



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