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Ernest VanDenBossche BCH,CI; is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist (Consulting Hypnotist) and Certified Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists who helps clients lose weight, stop smoking, overcome phobias, relieve anxiety, sleep better and much much more.  

Ernest passionately believes that you can create anything you desire as long as you want it, see it, believe it and expect it. 

Learn about hypnosis and hypnosis facts. Read of the many conditions where hypnotherapy can bring positive change into your life. View research Into the effectiveness of hypnosis. This and much more information is available on this site. Check the links on the side bar and below.

Serving Waterville and Belfast Areas, Maine USA

office call 207-649-9655

Hypnosis for: Weight Management   Sleep Disorders   Smoking   Performance   Anxiety  Depression   Phobias   Stress   more

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Smoking Cessation Specialist 

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Waterville ME

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Serving the Central and Mid Coast Maine Areas: 

Augusta, Waterville, Winslow, Fairfield, Oakland, Skowhegan, Madison, Gardiner, Winthrop, Smithfield, Norridgewock, Canaan, Pittsfield, Hartland, Newport, Bingham, Solon, Athens, Harmony, Farmington, Belgrade, Albion, Unity, Vassalboro, China, Hallowell, Gardiner, Manchester, Belfast, Camden, Northport, Randolph, Rockport, more

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The profession of hypnosis is expanding and more certified hypnotists are needed in the field to teach the benefits of hypnosis to the general public and to work with clients. Become a Hypnotherapist.

More and more clients are being exposed to hypnotherapy and the many ways that it can bring change into their lives. They are reading about hypnosis in magazines, like "Prevention" and "Women's World," and hearing about it on many talk shows such as "Oprah with Dr.Oz" and news programs like "Dateline", to mention a couple... it's everywhere. "It's your life."


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World Hypnotism Day

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Waterville Area
" World Hypnotism Day" Event
"Stress Release Night"
January 4 every year, is World Hypnotism Day
Admission: $5 donation to local food bank, optional. 

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