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Ernest VanDenBossche BCH CI, has trained at The Hypnotherapy Training Company, Wakefield MA, with Julie Griffin BCH CI; with Don Mottin BCH CI of Mottin & Johnson Institute of Hypnosis, St. Louis MO; with Ron Eslinger, CRNA, MA, APN, BCH, CMI of Healthy Visions Wellness Center, Oak Ridge Tennessee; and with Jessica Porter CH, of the The HypnoBirthing Institute, New Hampshire and much more.

Registered Counselor State of Maine

Certified Instructor and Board Certified Hypnotist with The National Guild of Hypnotists


Adjunct Faculty Member 2008 and 2014 National Guild of Hypnotists International Convention


Current President of The Maine Guild of Hypnotists


Certified in Pain Management Hypnotherapy with Ron Eslinger


Certified in Medical Hypnotherapy with Julie Griffin


Certified Certified Stress Management Consultant  with Shawn Brookhouse


Certified in Pediatric Hypnotherapy, Pain Management, and as a First Response Emergency Hypnosis Trainer with Don Mottin


Training with Calvin Banyan for "Inside Secrets for Successful Age Regression" and "Advanced Weight Loss"


Certified Metaphysical Hypnotherapist with Julie Griffin


Newspaper Article   World Hypnosis Day


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